Friday, February 12, 2010


So we had a nice little V-day dinner planned for tonight. But. Guess who got the stomach flu? Hmmmm.... well...... nearly the entire house! First Reilly, then Max, then Coop, then ME! Again, dear husband has escaped the plague. What is going on? Will we ever be healthy again? This is the third straight week of yuck!

So. Instead of a romantic evening out, we're hitting Lowes and getting a few needed items for our master bathroom facelift. Before and after photos to come. Until then, here are some items I have purchased to date....

A frame for the existing vanity mirror : Mirror Mate

a few of these...

Hexagon bath mats and towels (color-baltic): The Company Store

Hanging metal candleholder: Bacon Square Farm (Etsy) 

2 of these...

Moen faucets: Ebay 
Tonight we plan on purchasing a paint color, light fixtures and towel bars. Wish us luck. We plan on painting the room a light to medium gray. Yikes! Gray scares the heck out of me. I always worry it will look bluish, violet-ish,  brownish or pinkish... all I want is a nice crisp gray without any undertones of color.  Suggestions?


  1. that really sucks, erin! sorry to hear that you're all under the weather again. but on the upside, it looks like you got a great deal on that faucet! i'll be looking there when we're ready to update, too.

  2. Gina, the faucets arrived yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL! Can't beat a Moen faucet for $39!

  3. Hope you feel better...just compare the grey swatches and you'll be able to tell (especially with your eye) which under tone they have...but do it your room! Lighting can make a huge difference!

  4. erin, can you believe that we ALSO had to cancel our friday night plans??? scott threw up. how is it that we haven't even seen each other, yet our kids have the same illnesses?? hope you're all on the mend.

  5. Hope you are feeling better!!!