Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last Saturday morning, Dan took Coop to the doctor to have his lungs checked out. We're still struggling with an upper respiratory infection and he has been to the doctor 3 times and is going again tomorrow. Grrrr.


When Dan and Cooper were checking out with the receptionist and setting up another appointment, the receptionist said.... "Oh, it says your name is Thomas, but you go by Cooper. I love the name Thomas. Does your Mommy and Daddy every call you Thomas?" To which Cooper responded... "Only on Fridays" (total deadpan).

Receptionist.... "They call you Thomas on Fridays?"
Cooper.... "Yep."
Receptionist... "Ok, then we'll schedule your next appointment on Friday, so I can call you Thomas."

For the record, we never call him Thomas and I have no idea why he said what he said. Such and odd little boy!

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