Friday, February 19, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

Every now and then I like to list some of my favorite things. Share the wealth y'all!

Here we go...

coconut lime verbena body lotion

It's the greatest smell ever. Vacation in a bottle. The other products are great too. The scent is incredible. Promise.

the couch hugger side table

This baby floats around our family room. Dan and I fight over it.

ikea's 365+ kitchen products

I love this container. We store cereal in it. They line up nicely on top of the fridge!
The perfect dinner plate & you can't beat the price!
Ikea : $3.99

Lovin' these bowls, perfect size & I love the shape!

sourav dining table & bench

 This is THE greatest table! Honest. I promise. It's very sturdy and has a rustic texture that makes it impossible to ruin. We use it for everyday meals, fancy sit-down adult meals, as a matchbox car track, a craft table... we do everything on it and it's never looked better! And the price... did you see the price?
Size: 82"L x 38"W x 30"H (easily fits 8 adults)

I love the bench too! We only have one... on the other side of the table I have 3 old kitchen chairs. I really think we should get another bench though... it easily fits 4 little kid's be-hinds!

This is a photo of the table top... isn't it great? We've had the table for 6+ years and it doesn't have a scratch or any discoloration! It cleans up well with a damp cloth or some pledge.

jacobean floral wool rug
You may have seen this rug in some of my photos. It's in my family room and I LOVE IT! I purchased it 3 years ago at Target. I was looking for a quick, cheap solution until I could buy a nice wool rug that I had my eye on. Well, guess what! I totally forgot about that expensive, fancy rug, because I'm so smitten!

french axis rubber boot tray
I wanted a boot tray for years, but everything I liked had a large price tag. So every year, I put "boot tray" on my Christmas list. Never got one. Then, a few months ago, my darling husband found this baby! The price was right and it's the perfect size. Nice and long, fits 5 pairs of winter boots. Although, I'm looking forward to the day when those boots are replaced with wet flip flops!!!

expedit bookcase

I'm not the first Mom to sing the praises of these bookcases. They're sturdy, big and stylish. We have a small one in Coopers room and a big one in the basement play room. When we move (fingers crossed), I envision a wall of these in my new office. Heaven!

lemi shine
My new favorite product... by far. We have hard water and Lemi Shine is the ONLY product that removes the hard water spots. I use it in the dishwasher and it works like a charm. It's kind of pricey, but worth it. I promise. I find it at Target, but you can check their website for other locations.

night night baby sleepers

The best pj's of all time! I purchased some for Reilly when she was a baby, and Max wears them to this day. Everything washes out and they hold up like you wouldn't believe... no color fading! I love, love, love them! Oh... they come in big kid sizes too!

That's all I have for now :) I stand behind all of these items 100%! I do.


  1. Thank you for loving our product! I would love to send you a Lemi Shine reuasable grocery bag and samples of both Lemi Shine Rinse and MC3. Email me your mailing address if you like and I will have it sent out early next week.

  2. Ooops, is my email address

  3. those are great products. i LOVE coconut lime verbana. i was sad that bbw changed the mix of the moisturizing hand soap but i still love them smell! daniel and i have been looking at that exact table at world market. so nice to hear such an incredible review. thank you!