Wednesday, July 21, 2010

chicago... my kind of town

even though we just outside the city. it's still a thrill when we can pack up the kids and spend a day in our favorite city.

before our trip to carmel, we spent a day at taste of chicago and millennium park. just so you know.... taking three kids to the taste of chicago is honestly the dumbest thing i've ever done. ever! but we had tons of fun. here are a few photos to prove it...

**please note.... these photos only show the happy moments. i eliminated photos of me yelling at the kids, the kids fighting, the kids throwing fits and awful moods we were all in on our way home!**

yummy, drippy ice cream and the skyline

more ice cream in front of buckingham fountain

we also ate some healthy options!
is buttered, salted corn on the cob still considered healthy????

the kids rode rides

and made some new friends!
this is what coop was doing while i was waiting in line for the most incredible fish taco.

we also cooled off at crown fountain. the kids had a blast!

chicago.... one incredible city. 
i'm so happy i call it home.

a final photo of me and my hubby....


  1. I think the last picture of you and Dan is the most awesome picture ever!!!!! I love the reflection in the sunglasses!

  2. Before I even read what you wrote….I thought wow she is daring taking her kids to the taste of Chicago! Lol. I really think it is great that you did. I am not sure I will ever be that daring but your kids will love those memories. I love how your son met a new “friend”. Too funny! I love Chicago as well. We moved to the North suburbs when my oldest daughter (who is now 4) was 6 months. We lived in Bucktown when she was born. I miss all of the food etc.. But am glad my kids have a yard.:)

  3. What fun! I bet the kids loved every minute!