Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a day at the beach (carmel style)

for the last few days, i've been going on and on about our vacation in carmel, ca. this is the last chapter to the story.... the carmel beach.

carmel has beautiful, sandy beaches. an interesting fact about carmel is that town is extremely dog friendly and this holds true to their beaches. if you don't like pups.... be wary, as all doggies run free. literally there are dogs everywhere. the best part, is it seems no one takes advantage and they keep the beach very, very clean. in the 15 years i've spent visiting carmel, i've never stepped in an "accident". never.

ok... back to the point. here are a few shots of our beach fun...
our short walk to the beach from my parent's house

max's first steps on the beach.... unlike his siblings (at his age), he is IN LOVE with the beach

that water is FREEZING! our littlle fishie didn't care!

coop took a little longer to take the plunge. so he did a little posing.

but that didn't last long.... hello ocean, here i come!

here come unkie!

digging in the sand is always a hit!

this is my parents beach dog, tucker. isn't he adorable?

my attempt for a cute photo.... ugh!

so i eliminated the problem child! that's better!

isn't he the cutest problem child?

our little mermaid and merman

a brief warm up

then back at it!

end of a fun day.... doesn't unkie look exhausted?

coop crawling up the dreaded sand dune... on our way home


  1. new follower.:) like your blog. Love the family beach pictures!

  2. Thanks for stopping my and becoming a follower! I wanted to send you an e-mail b/c it sounds like our lives are similar! I couldn't find an e-mail button on your blog or profile.

  3. Such cute pictures! I love the one of Cooper where his board shorts are hanging just a little too low!! And there's nothing about Max that is at all like your first two!!