Thursday, July 29, 2010


i've been thinking a lot about playrooms. maybe it's because school is looming or maybe it's because our move is looming.... fingers crossed. anyway. i thought i'd share some of my favorites from my design file.
love the white furniture & colored walls. a good work table is a must

diggin the white walls & cubbies with pops of color in the accessories & rug

perfect for a basement. love the swings & gym mats... great for my crazy boys

like the previous playroom... i love the use of maps

love the chalkboard wall & pin board
this is a favorite because it's fun yet not over the top kid-like

a modern playroom... i like it because there are a lot of toys, but it doesn't feel junky

i think this is a pbk's image... everything they do is great!

how fantastic is this board & batten with pin boards?

modern. clean. white. pops of color. yes please!

i'd probably prefer if this was all white, but i love the wall of storage

i just think this is pretty :)


  1. What a great source of inspiration!! Love these playrooms!!

  2. Very cute playrooms, Erin! Thanks for taking the time to read Sadie's story... As you said, I can't imagine going through this journey of motherhood with out our faith! Blessing to you :)

  3. Oh I love all these! you always have the best inspiration pics! :)

  4. Wow, Erin! What a great collection of playrooms! I wish I had an excuse to put one together! I keep scrolling back to the second image. I love the white walls and all the big windows... Great light! I also think the little rug under the red table is absolute perfection! The red roman shades and the colorful lamp shades... Great stuff!

  5. I love the cork boards in the board and batten! What fun fun stuff. I have a toy room, but I seem to hate to spend money on making it cute!

  6. Okay, look at picture number 5. Is that the biggest stuffed animal in the history of the world? I think so! I also love the cork in the batten, and the gathering of lampshades in the PB room! Super cute. I think CompanyKids has a rug like the one with striped border, but can't remember. Great post, Erin!!

  7. Can't pick a favorite.
    Love them all!
    I have had playrooms on the brain lately too. I want to re-do ours so badly. We are THIS CLOSE to doing board and battan....can't wait!!
    Thanks for all of the inspiration
    Enjoy the night

  8. thanks for the comment! looove the playrooms! and loooove your backyard!!!!