Tuesday, August 31, 2010

are you kidding me??

another crazy week.
yesterday we received the news that our house buyers
 wanted to close TODAY.
thanks for the advanced notice!

we're guessing it was some misunderstanding
between the buyers and their attorney.
you know, seeing as we never received a formal request
to close TWO weeks early. 

so, now, because we're nice....
we're scrambling to close today at 3.
we'll see.
either way the new owners won't be able to take possesion
until we have time to move out.
oh and have somewhere to move!  
minor detail.
we don't take possession of our new house for a week.

we will know sometime later this morning if it all can come together today.
our attorney needs a few more items in order to close.
i'll keep you posted :)

on another note...
isn't this playroom super-duper?
 i have no idea where i found it, but i've been drooling ever since.

take care friends!
xoxo. erin


  1. oh my goodness! craziness! good luck. and, I want those chairs!!!! love them

  2. Good luck today Erin. It'll all work out!

  3. Take deep breaths! Good luck w/everything!

  4. Hi!
    just found your blog and became a follower! You have a cute blog and adorable kids! :-) Good luck with your moving adventure. I've been there many times. This is our 7th house! My husband's old company moved us a lot. Looking forward to getting to know you better. If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi!

  5. Oh you will so love living on a golf course. We do right now, it is totally like a resort vacation all the time. I love watching the sprinklers, weird huh! I will be so sad when we move away from here (if our house sells- want to be closer to hubby's work) because we will be moving to a more urban/city area. I will miss all this green and the friendly golfers. Our hole backs up to the #8 putting green, so we get to chat with people all the time, so fun. Good luck!

  6. So glad everything is settled by now! I love this playroom too--going to steal the pic for my files ;-)