Tuesday, August 17, 2010

guess what!

no i'm not going to say "chicken butt" but my 7 year old would have :)

anyway. back to civil adult conversation.

things have been a little nutty around these parts, in addition to our house going under contract, the kids going back to school, and a quick mini vacay... we bought a mailbox!

luckily for us, it also comes with a HOUSE. yay for dan.... it's on a golf course. yay for me.... it has the space we need and it's chuck full of fun home improvement projects! i see a lot of wall paper removal and painting in my near future.

now we're just praying that all goes smoothly. praying both our house sale and our new purchase goes off without a hitch! the thought of something going wrong has me up at night... when will i learn that worrying never does me any good!!??

happy tuesday friends! xoxo- erin

1 comment:

  1. YAY! How exciting! I'll say a prayer. Love the mailbox and can't wait to see your home improvment projects!