Friday, August 6, 2010

crazy days!

ok. i've been uber nervous to let my bloggy friends know that  as of last friday our house in under contract!!!!!!!!!!!! yep... hopefully (if all goes well) my home will have NEW owners as of sept. 15th. ! obviously this could still fall though, so i'm still extremely nervous. fingers crossed.

so... on top of school transfers, home inspections, attorney reviews, HOUSE HUNTING and the daily ups and downs of raising 3 crazy kids..... we've been dealing with THIS....


we got the call at 9:30 pm from a friend.... their daughter has lice. what? who? when? where? what the he@#! thank goodness dan is far more level headed than i. he promptly ran to the drug store and purchased the needed items to take care of the "situation".

honestly, i hope that all parents have to deal with this and just never talk about it. a dirty little secret. because if that's not the case, am i a horrible parent. no one has ever really told me about their kids having lice. 

do i not bathe my children enough? should i call everyone i know and warn them that my kids are/were infested? did my kids infect my friend's kid or did their kid infect my kid? really who knows. 

i just know i'm a loon. whatever. moving on.


  1. Oh wow! As if you don't have enough on your hands as it is!! I will admit that word "lice" scares the sweet begeezious out of me. I am itching my head as we speak. LOL.

    Good luck on the house!! In this economy and housing market that is terrific news. Good luck with house hunt! There are tons of good deals out there right now.

  2. YAY! I hope your closing comes together without a hitch!!

    Lice stinks, but is so easily spread through from kid to kid. It has nothing to do with what you aren't doing. Just remember to boil your brushes and combs and wash their bedding, or you will have trouble getting rid of it. Good luck!

  3. Oooh, look at them and their little faces.
    Lice have nothing to do with not enough baths -in fact I've heard that lice prefer clean hair. I guess it isn't something parents talk about much but I'm fine to say that my eldest had lice several times once he started school - it spreads so easily. Washing all bedclothes and clothes will help as Jesse said, tell your kids not to share hats with others if possible and you can also use natural lice shampoo as a preventative - not that I have done that. We just treat as it comes up. Annoying but just one of those childhood things...poor wee things! Hope you got rid of them all! Oh - another tip - do go through their hair with a fine toothed comb several times and be prepared to squish the lice with your nails (sorry a bit gross but important to get rid of all the lil suckers!) Hope that was a helpful comment and not too muich info!