Friday, February 18, 2011

birthday party

at long last, we're planning reilly's 8th birthday party.
her birthday was in january, but we like to spread out the wealth [a little bit].
that way, she doesn't have christmas, her family birthday party and a friend's party all squished together.
what kid needs 3 gift-giving occasions in the span of 11 days?

so, now it's february and it's time.
reilly is insisting on a bowling party... ick. but i'll go with it.
(a. i'm not a great bowler and i hate doing stuff i suck at. b. the thought of 14 little girls with big heavy balls sends a shiver up my spine)

here is her invitation. i'll give you the party rundown once it happens!

have you had a bowling party? if so, how'd it go????

xoxo - erin


  1. My daughter chose a bowling party for her 10th birthday. She and her friends had a great time. The best part, we didn't have to clean anything up when the party was over. (She still has the real bowling pin with "Happy Birthday" written on it that the bowling alley gives every birthday child who books a party.)

    Hope she has a great time celebrating with her friends.

  2. Super cute invites!

    We've never had a bowling party...but my my son was invited to one at the beginning of the school year for a girl that was in his class the year before. We get there, and I look around and my son was the only boy invited to the party! 15 girls and 1 Brady. The funny thing is, he never noticed he was the only boy there!

  3. Those invitations are so cute.We have never had a bowling party either but I do think it would be fun for the kids. They won't care if you are an ace or not. When is her actual b-day? My daughter's is Jan. 8, we usually have her party towards the end of the month. I agree, spreading the wealth is definitely the best way to celebrate.

  4. Bowling parties are great! My oldest had one last year. The kids love it. The invitations are adorable!

  5. We've been to many bowling parties. They are great! Super easy and everyone is completely engaged and involved. Don't sweat it! :)