Thursday, February 17, 2011

a quick hello

lots on my to do list.
just dropping in to say a quick hello and show you a little home progress.
i just snapped this photo...  some of the frames are a little crooked.
ya, i'm not a photo stylist. but i try.

we still have BIG plans for the stairwell.
including grasscloth wallpaper, carpet removal, re-staining the stairs and painting the risers and trim white. i just have to wait until my toddler is a little more sure-footed, as to avoid injury :)

it's very warm and super dreary outside. all the snow is melting and my backyard looks ugly, naked and muddy. boo.

xoxo -erin


  1. Love that picture! It's dreary here too. I'm headed to Arizona for some much coveted sunshine!

  2. YOur pictures look great...I like that they're all in the same frames...unlike how my parent's generation use to hang pictures!

  3. Your pictures look GREAT!

  4. They look great Erin
    We have pictures going up our stair wall too.
    I like your future plans and ideas....
    Have a happy night

  5. The steps will look great painted. I wish we had nice wood below the carpet on my steps, but we were here during the building process and know that there's nothing to look at there. Makes me almost wish we'd gone with an older home, so much more character.

  6. Love it! I did a similar gallery wall up my stairwell along with a Dash & Albert runner on the stairs. Grasscloth on the walls would be sooooo nice. hmm....can't wait to see yours!

  7. I love the photos! We used to have a wall in our hallway like this but then we put the house on the market and in order to get it looking "less personal" we took them down. I am missing all those lovely pictures. I cannot wait to sell, move and hang them back up. We have never had carpet on our stairs and my kids do surprisingly well. I love the look of hardwood stairs. Our yard looks icky too, I'll be glad when it is all green again.