Thursday, February 3, 2011

blizzard twenty-eleven

it's been interesting around these parts.
school has been out for 2 days.
the snow plows couldn't get through.
the city sent a bulldozer to get us out of our court.
all of my muscles ache from shoveling massive amounts of snow.

now the sun is shining and all is good.
our house after the storm
reilly and the neighborhood kids
coop playing in the snow
reilly standing the the front yard
our upstairs balcony
the back deck... maybe i should have taken in the furniture :)
our court during the storm
our front yard during the storm
hope you're all staying warm!

hugs - erin


  1. I heard about this! believe it or not, i follow 3 blogs that in the IL area. I think...
    anyway, wow! that's a lot of snow! i have a question...because i keep hearing about y'all shoveling the snow. why shovel it? why not just leave it and let it melt??? maybe that is the stupiest question of the year, but hey, i'm from the south. ha ha! :)

  2. Ha, did you read my post today? DEF NOT WARM!! hahahaha, it's super cold here too. brrrr, I am SOO over winter!!! at least you guys can get out, over here, you can get hypothermia in 15 minutes.....says the news :)

  3. You sure did get lots of drifts!! We had some five-foot drifts, too...but Brian did all the shoveling. Cat, we can't leave the snow because when it's several feet high (or even just say six inches), you can't drive at all. Cars get stuck in it. It would be different if it warmed up in a few days, but usually it seems it freezes and the snow gets much heavier the few days afterwards. We had wind chills of 25 below last night, so no melting any time soon!

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