Friday, March 4, 2011

what i'm loving

i'm back!!! mac is home and working like a dream! woot! woot!

back to regularly scheduled programming....

last weekend, i went to homegoods. 
sometimes i come up dry. nothing good. boo!
but last weekend...oh man!

here are a few of my favorites. due to budget concerns, only 1 item came home with me.
can you guess which one? i'll tell you on monday :)

they had an amazing selection of trunks... i adore the grayish one! 

those blue nesting tables.... so lovely!

love the black nesting tables too!!

doesn't this mirror look like a great flea market find? i love the patina!
these green chairs rock!

kinda restoration hardware-ish. love it!!

oh my!

sorry about the horrible photos... they were taken with my iPhone.

if i could, i would have pulled up in a u-haul and taken all the loot. sadly i didn't.

have a fantastic friday.... yay weekend!

xoxo - erin


  1. Fun stuff!
    I will guess the blue nesting tables!

  2. I am betting on that mirror. Looks like a great trip. Glad mac is all better.

  3. Im guessing the restorationish looking bookcase! I love it all :)

  4. I'm guessing the mirror...but for WHERE? Not the bathroom. So maybe it's the gray trunk. Or possibly the bookcase. I love the bookcase, too! Too bad it's as pricey as it is. It would be a tough decision to make. But they're all lovely!!!!! I'm putting my money on the mirror. It's too unusual too pass up! It would look fantastic above your fireplace, maybe.

  5. Love it all! Esp the trunk! So glad you're back up and running. computer problems are the worst. Have a great weekend! We just moved back to B-ham and I now have a Home Goods again!! So excited! This post makes me want to go TODAY! :) UGH, so much unpacking to do.

  6. what! our homegoods has been a huge fail lately. yours is divine!

  7. Such awesome finds. I'm dying over that mirror and glad you got it (if I couldn't!!)!

  8. Love me some HomeGoods! We have one of those green chairs at ours now. I would have dragged that industrial shelving home though. Oh my! That is awesome!