Thursday, March 10, 2011

reilly's room.... more ideas

here's volume two of reilly's new room.

i am basing the room design on the following items (as stated in tuesday's post)


and this.

now for some other room ideas....

wall color.... i want a shade of blue or turquoise.
here are some options.... do you have a favorite?

i also plan on taking down the ugly-fugly ceiling fan and putting up my favorite ikea pendant. 
for years i've been trying to find the perfect spot for this pendant.... yay i found it!
i recently purchased a new dresser from ikea....
very sturdy and lots of drawers. 

i'm swapping out the hardware with these from anthropologie....
finally, the bed....
handsome hubby is going to make reilly a new bed.
we're thinking of something like this...  cut out of wood and painted
a darker shade of the wall color with a white monogram in the middle.

picture the headboard painted a darker shade of the wall color with a white monogram in the center.

i like the interlocking or circle 2. 

there you have it... all of my ideas. can't wait to get started and share the progress with you!

have a great day ladies and gents!
xoxo - erin


  1. Oh wow, it is going to look so good. Reilly is so lucky! I cannot wait to see the bed, what a great idea! As for the blues, I really like them all but I am kind of leaning toward the azalea one. I think they would all look superb. Don't you just love Anthropologie? I swear if I ever strike it rich, that is the first place I am going with my full wallet.

  2. Your design ideas are SO fab and creative. Love it! My sister just bought that Hemnes dresser for her daughter and it IS sturdy and offers so much space in the deep drawers. I am a huge fan of the whole collection now. Can't wait to see your decorating progress!

  3. her room is going to be quite fabulous. I adore BM stratton blue. I have it in my bath.

  4. I recognized that LoL print right away AND the pic from SATC. I LOVE both! So fab! Oh, how fun her room will be.

    My vote is for swatch #1 or #4. I think the slightly more muted paint will be nice against all the bold colors.

  5. Hi Erin! I love everything you are doing! A room fun! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

    p.s. Also LOVE that header. Now why didn't I think of that!? ;)