Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reilly's room.... the artwork

today and tomorrow, i'm going to share my plans for reilly's new bedroom.
currently she's sharing a room with her 5 year old brother cooper.
but soon, the baby (max) and coop with shack up and reilly will get her own space.

my inspiration for the room came from two items.

the liberty of london shades i purchased from target last year.

paul smith's LOVE TOO wall hanging from sex and the city (the movie)

ever since i saw it, i've been obsessed
and because the price tag is a cool 3K... i'm not in the market.

it would go perfectly with the lamp shades. right?

because i'm a horrible, awful, very bad person... 
i re-created it and am having it printed on canvas.

original = $3000
my version = $79 (printed canvas from costco)
hells yes!

here is my version, i had to change the dimensions a bit to fit the canvas size,
but all in all... not bad.

the design is a little different, but it's very close.
i can't wait until it's printed. i will share, promise!

more on reilly's room tomorrow!

happy tuesday! xoxo - erin

*** UPDATE***
I have received several requests for me to share my LoveToo  files. i will not be sharing the files. Although I drew it myself (in Adobe Illustrator), it is based on an existing piece of artwork. Thus, I will only be using it for personal use.... more specifically my daughter's bedroom. Thanks for all the interest, but i can't in good conscience share the files.


  1. Omigosh! It looks almost exactly the same!

  2. Wow! It looks just like it...only I like yours better! How did you re-create it??!

  3. I cannot tell a difference. What a smartie you are.