Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It doesn't take a genius

another quick post from my iphone. grrrrr.
mac is still at the genius bar waiting for more parts.
once my laptop was opened up, more damage was found.

so, i got the call yesterday telling me mac wasn't fixed yet...
then received a pointed lecture from the genius from the genius bar.
apparently (according to him) you shouldn't pour coffee into your laptop keyboard.

really????? really? it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
who in their right mind would POUR coffee into a computer?

to quote charlie sheen.... duh!

now, i'm sure you're wondering what happened to mac. ummmmm... i have a destructive toddler in my home. need i say more?

hope you're well! hopefully i'll be back soon! fingers crossed.
xoxo - erin


  1. I spilled soda on my keyboard once. I wiped it up...and then the next day I couldn't figure out why, when I typed the letters were doing this- fffff rrrrrr...then my husband reminded me about the spilled soda. Duh! I'm not the smartest! Hope you're back soon!

  2. I agree, sometimes people can say things that make you want to whack them. Duh, exactly. Hope it is all fixed soon.

  3. I just got my Mac today! Still trying to figure it out, and very protective of it with the kids. I'm sure the newness will wear off and before you know it I'll have peanut butter and jelly stuck in my keyboard!

    Hope the geniuses can fix it soon!

  4. Oh, so sorry! Coffee in the computer...bad stuff! :)