Thursday, October 6, 2011


this is a conversation between cooper and the receptionist at his doctors office.

receptionist: on your chart it says your name is thomas, but you go by cooper. 
i love the name thomas, 
does your mommy or daddy ever call you thomas?

cooper: um, only on fridays.

receptionist: they call you thomas on fridays?

cooper: yep

receptionist: ok, then i'll schedule your next appointment on friday, 
so i could call you thomas.

cooper: {shrugging} sounds good.

a. we never call him thomas... even on fridays
b. cooper's name is "thomas cooper", 
and he goes by his middle name.
c. i love this kid more then he'll ever know.

in case you forgot... this is my coop.
love him, love him, love him


  1. MMMwack! Big kisses. He is a cutie pie, whether he is Cooper or Thomas! :)

  2. That is really cute. Where do kids come up with this stuff?