Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone download

i'm constantly snapping photos on my iPhone, but i
never, ever
download them.

so be prepared, this is a looonnnngggg post
filled with a lot of un-realted photos.

here's my little trip down memory lane (circa 2011).

this morning, my cutie eating breakfast 
with his crazy bird's nest hair!

last week, my little bug... 
with a stomach bug.

chair love at pier 1

mirror mirror, you're the one
pier 1

much better in person {promise}
pier 1

coop's lego bomb {filled with little legos},
when thrown on the carpet... kaboom!

toddler jammie escape

anniversary dinner with hubby
at art smith's "table 52"

ice cream lunch at colonial cafe

not sure what this is


airplane to carmel, california
to see granny and nonno

the mission basilica {carmel, ca}
where hubby and i got married :)

the view from granny & nonno's house

the sunset... with a glass of pinot
double aahhh....

beach time {carmel, ca}

fourth of july

pool games

face painting... a ninja & butterfly

winner winner chicken dinner

doggies... lucy & her little friend brady

father's day picnic / bird attack!

boo hoo... our old loft in chicago

pooped after a long day in the city


first day at the goddard school
{giving mommy a break 2 days a week}

roger kitty found his twin!

end of year school gift from coop's preschool class 
to their wonderful teacher!


reilly's ostrich school project


after a long day at disney!

oh my goodness... you made it to the end of this post!
cheers and thank you!
xoxo - erin

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  1. I love that chair also, but the picture you showed before that picture is why I would have to resist. But I LOVE it. And I want to live next to your parents! That is gorgeous!