Wednesday, October 19, 2011

kid's art

my kitchen desk is overrun
with kids artwork
i don't have the heart to throw it out
and i don't have the space
for something like this
i don't have the patience
to create something 
like this
(although very cost effective)
available through inkubook – $14 for a 20-page softcover book & $25 for a hardcover book
i think
this is the direction
i will to go
jan eleni shrink art – as seen on home by novagratz
i love it's large size

i'm certain jan eleni is super pricey
this will be a diy project

i could print it on a 30 x 40" canvas 
(i found they are the cheapest for oversized canvases)

i could frame
smaller collages
like this 
via – jen who blogs at a thousand words
i kinda dig how jen made a single collage per child
plus the photos melt my heart

the only problem i see 
is i would need 3 sets
taking up to much space
it may be a little out of my budget
(which currently doesn't exist)

i know this is a time intensive project
seeing as i've only managed to scan
one piece of artwork
before i was side-tracked by
3 kids
2 furry animals
a dirty house
the pile of dishes in the sink
coffee drinking

oh and 
watching the real housewives of beverly hills
those ladies are nut-balls!

here's my only artwork scan
reilly drew this

when she was three
the splotches above our eyes
are our foreheads

it's raining here in chicago
so i'm lovin my pumpkin spice coffee
happy wednesday folks -e


  1. I love the shrunken art. I remember once reading an idea to take photos of the art and keep them on a disc so you could run them like a slide show and the kids could see them anytime.

  2. great idea karen! if i'm scanning them in anyway... why not put a slideshow on the iPad or computer.

  3. Erin, I struggle with the same issue. The door from my kitchen to laundry room is a ceiling to floor collage that is covered within two days at nursery school and kindergarten. I never know what to do with the ones I change out. The collage is a great idea that I'd like to try.

    Right now I'm thinking of hanging lengths of twine around my son's room at his height and adding clothespins like they do at his nursery school. It won't have the same impact, but at least they won't sit in piles and he can change them out himself. Maybe I should finish (start) his Halloween costume first, though ; )
    Have a great weekend.