Wednesday, January 23, 2013


on sunday my baby turned 4
he's my last, so every year that passes
weighs a little heavy on my heart

he's a joy
he's difficult
he's funny
he's talkative
he loves big
he hates big
he's the greatest kid 
(well, along with his brother and sister)

happy 4th birthday max!

years past.... :(

in honor of your 4th birthday 
here are 4 things i love about you....

1 - your funny, husky voice
2 - how much you love to talk... to everyone, 
when i say everyone... i mean it!!!!
3 - you're still my baby and let me cuddle and smooch you
4 - how much you love your family, especially 
your big brother and sister!

one more thing... just because
5 - you're a little sneaky sneaker! i've never known a 3/4 year old
who smuggles snacks out of the pantry into the playroom 
in his UNDERWEAR!! 

i love you max! your imagination is endless and i love
to just sit back and watch. you're growing and learning  so quickly. 
i pray time slows, so i can enjoy your childhood longer.
if i'm ever crabby or in need of a smile, i know i can count on you my love.
you completed our family. you're our little caboose.
and what a cute caboose you have:)
i love you to the moon and back my darling maxwell!
xoxo - mommy

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