Sunday, January 6, 2013

she's 10....

today my little bootsy turns 10.
double digits :(

she was my first
the one who made me a mom
my only daughter
i love her more than she'll ever comprehend

happy birthday reilly catherine!

reilly, in honor of your 10th birthday,
here are 10 things i love about you....

1 - you are fearless, you take on anything and everything
2 - you have a tender heart and wear your heart on your sleeve
3 - you are my first born and you helped me become the mother i am
4 - you LOVE to learn and you are as smart as a wip
5 -  you love to spend time with your mama, i treasure our time together
6 - like your brother says... you're a boyish girl. although you love everything girl-y, 
you're not afraid to get your hands dirty and play with the boys!
7 - you are a true beauty and haven't a clue
8 - you adore your family and are such a great big-sister
9 - you love sports and i love watching you play your heart out
10 - you are a wonderful, caring and thoughtful sister, friend,
cousin, student and daughter

reilly catherine, bug, bootsy, peanut, rc cola...
i love you more than you'll ever know.
you are an amazing girl and i am so blessed to be your mama.
the last ten years have been the highlight of my 40 years.
i can't wait to witness your next 10 years.
i'm a blessed mama. 

xoxoxox - mommy

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