Thursday, January 10, 2013


this morning, like every morning
i received an email advertisement from

but this morning was different

take a peek and what do you see?

you might not notice, but it jumped out to me.
look at the classroom valentines (at the bottom).
see it now?
ok.... the rocket themed valentine is mine :)

while perusing the new offering of minted valentines,
i noticed this....

yep... there i am again.
the design with "Happy Heart Day" 
and heart shaped confetti.

please excuse my excitement, but sometimes i feel like 
i design in a vacuum and have no idea if what i do is any good.
so this raised my spirits a bit.

If you're interested in valentine's cards, check out minted 
they have some beautiful designs.

here are a few of my offerings...
sparkling love valentine's day card - find it here

happy heart day valentine's day card - find it here

simply loved valentine's day card - find it here
glittering heart confetti valentine's day card - find it here
rocket love classroom valentine's day card - find it here

if the holidays got away from you 
and you didn't have time to send out a holiday card
consider a valentine's day card :)

hope you're having a fantastic week!

on a personal note.... congratulations to my brother and NEW sister-in-law!!
can't wait to see the photos of your beautiful hawaiian wedding!
wish we could be there to celebrate with you :(

xoxo - erin

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  1. Congratulations -- you are a celebrity! It's so nice to see hard work pay off. :)