Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i was warned

i was warned by my darling husband.
do NOT look at real estate listings before our current house is sold. 
did i listen? 
and now i have a house crush.
not only have i driven past it... i had my realtor take me through it!
i'm a dumb, dumb girl.

so. it kills me to say this, but dan was right.

ok, so it's out there. i love a house.
in the area we live, there are very few older homes, 
so i have to settle with something that's been built in the last few decades.

aside from it being fairly new, this house has tons of potential.
it's a clean slate. 
all the walls are freshly painted white.
new neutral carpets and hardwoods.
it's on a cul-de-sac.
3 car garage. yay!
a separate first floor den. double yay!
a nicely finished basement.
so if i can't get my 100+ year old home, why not get all the modern amenities.
oh- and it's in our price range (whew!)

here are some photos (all courtesy of remax)
front of the house on a quiet cul-de-sac
oh- the next-door neighbors had a "welcome home" baby sign & a playset... so there's kids!!!!

front entry 
(dining room to the left, living room to the right, family room straight ahead and the office ahead and to the right)

family room (it's quite a bit larger than it looks)

kitchen (with a horrible light fixture and a wine fridge in the island)

private den overlooking private backyard

basement... plenty of room for a recreation area and playroom

backyard and deck

like a said.
a clean slate.
tons of DIY projects... yay!

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