Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a room for the boys

max is almost 16 months. once he's old enough, he and coop will share a room. i'm super excited about this upcoming project and have started a design file... of course!! there is so much great inspiration out there. here are some of my favorites...

i love this room... simple, bright and colorful.
great use of white furnishings, pops of color and the world map.
it's a little beachy... is that ok in the burbs of chicago?

this is a little feminine... but there are some great ideas.
lovin the lamps, and colors. needs to be more kid friendly.

i think the built in bunks are incredible!
also dig the wood ceiling and simple color palette.

here i really like the bunk bed, swing arm lamps 
and aren't those book shelves amazing! LOVE!

here again, very white with pops of color.
fantastic rug and the locker-like bedside table.
a similar one is sold at ikea. see here.
the star is pretty cool too. coop has a red one in his room. 
maybe i can spray it silver?

this is so much fun i can barely stand it.
so much inspiration... flag banner, beds, bedding, white walls, pops of fun color.
love all of it!

this may be a playroom, but still.... adorable and great inspiration!
chalkboard, the map [again], the built in storage..... ahhhh!

 the map is back! here i love the window treatments,
the light and the earth tones paired with blues & greens.

 i love this room.
the built-ins, the shelving, the pops of bold color.
fantastic... all of it!

love the artwork!

wood floors, bright pops of color, the photography,
the black board, everything. a very special room!

this bed rocks! a little girl-ish, but i can do something with this!
so here i am. so many great ideas.... what's a girl to do? i've narrowed down a few things...
1. i love built-ins.... maybe the beds, maybe storage. not sure yet
2. i want a map.
3. i love a neutral base with pops of bright color
4. i think i want bunks
5. white furniture rocks
6. we need some kind of fun storage for toys and books

now, i need to think more and draw up some plans... problem is... will this room be in our current house? or will our home sell and it will be in a brand-spankin-new-abode? hoping and praying for the latter!

more to come!

**post edit** i wish i knew the source for all of these photos, but i've collected them over the last year or so and am so very horrible at keeping track!


  1. Hi Erin, I just clicked over from Meg's Whatever blog. Love your inspiration post. Makes me want to makeover my kids' rooms, just for fun. Oh and BTW, your listing photos look great. Good luck!

  2. Hi Erin,
    Just found your blog...not sure from where actually!!:)
    Love all of your inspirational photos! Where did you find all those?? I love collecting things like that to dream about!
    Love you blog!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. What awesome inspiration room! Good luck!

  4. Great finds -- LOVE the vintage pull-down map in that play room. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. super cute. I still need to finish my sons big boy room. I am taking forever.