Friday, May 21, 2010

latest obsession...

my name is erin and i'm addicted to crewcuts.

i can't help myself, every time i get a new catalog, i grab my credit card. someone please help!

it used to be oilily, then mini boden, now it's crewcuts. i have some sort of uncontrollable obsession with overpriced children's clothes! BUT... [watch me defend myself now] they are really well made, they wash up well AND they can be passed down from kid to kid.

so here's a few recent purchases that were to darn cute not to share....

outfit one (reilly)
 source: crewcuts - shirt, shorts, sandles

outfit two (reilly)
source: crewcuts - boys shirt, leggings, headband, flats

outfit three (reilly)
source: crewcuts - dress, headband, flats

outfit four (cooper)
source: crewcuts - hat, shirt, shorts, shoes

outfit five (cooper)
source: crewcuts - shirt, jeans, belt
outfit six (cooper)

 source: crewcuts - t-shirt, shorts, hat, flip flops

aren't this outfits the cutest or should i join a 12 step program??? truth.

oh and i just had to throw in this little beauty for good measure!!! omg.
 source: crewcuts - swimsuit


  1. I have to agree... those are stinkin' cute clothes!

  2. Oh boy... now you've done it! I just ordered the whale hat, the spot t-shirt and the flip flops! I need someone to throw a bucket of ice cold water on me when I go into my shopping trance! Let me know if you find a 12 step program... I'll meet you there!

  3. V. cute. The gingham shirt for boys and those girly birkenstocks! Love!

  4. I totally understand your addiction! SUCH CUTE STUFF! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. super cute! hey, i've always been a firm believer of doing things right the first time....and buying NICE clothes for your kids fits that! :) If you buy cheap ones, you'll just have to buy new ones sooner because they will wear out....or at least that is my little sick mind game to make myself feel better. Ha!

  6. Hey Erin... thanks for stopping by my little blog! You just missed the post for my first giveaway! If you're feeling lucky, pop back over and sign up!
    P.S. I love Torch Lake too!

  7. This is what my kddos wear too. I just cant help it sometimes. they are precious.

  8. Totally adorable. You are well-justified in spending so much dough on them!