Monday, May 17, 2010

i've been dreaming about....

***warning... i file away photos from the net and NEVER note the source. i'm so very sorry!***

i've been dreaming about a new room for reilly. i've done tons of research online and i keep coming back to the same photo in my design files. it's from rie's house over at home and harmony.  if you've never visited her blog... please do so!


this is her daughters' room (see below photo). isn't it lovely? i adore the white furnishings and the pops of pink. the pom poms... oooh la la!

as you know, we're [trying] to move and i continue to think about new bedroom ideas for the kids once we move. you can see my inspiration for my boys' room here.

so for reilly's new room i want to pair ideas from this room...

with some ideas from this room (i wish i had the source - sorry!)....

and a bunch of these (again, source unknown)...

reilly's new bedroom ideas...
1. walls painted white
2. bed painted white
2. ceiling painted a pale pink
3. pom poms hanging from the ceiling in shades of pink, cream and white
4. paint reilly's "antique white district 28 armoire" (from land of nod) pink 
5. cover a wall with inspirational quotes... all clipped up with a hanger. i found these at ikea for 99 cents each!

in other news....
i really want one of these in the kitchen. the giant frame is filled with miniature versions of children's artwork.... how fantastic!!!

that's all... sorry about the lack of sources. if any of you recognize them... let me know!! cheers!

xoxo, erin


  1. I'm right there with you on the girl's sweet!! i love white with pops of pink :) I have three girls who share a room right now... so that first photo with the three beds really appealed to me!

  2. Me again... between my last comment and now I nominated you for a little award on my blog. I just really enjoy you blog... so fun and inspiring! Thought I'd let you know :)

  3. Please don't paint that gorgeous bed white! Please buy her a new bed at the flea market or something. Please!! And I like painted wood, but that one's just too gorgeous the way it is right now.

  4. oh gina! you're probably right! maybe i'll be hitting the kane county flea market this summer!

  5. Looks like we've both been doing a little dreaming lately :) (I just did a similar post about my house). I'm also working on new looks for my kids rooms and playrooms. I'll be posting pics soon. My 1st stop on your site, I'm having a blast so far. Love the canvas painting you did.