Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a little bit of this & a little bit of that

nothing to major to report these days. mother's day was nice. forgot the camera... so no photos. bummer.

it's raining and i'm uninspired. here's a few tid-bits from the house of skoots and cuddles....

the good thing about having your house on the market is
i always have a reason to buy fresh flowers...

the bad thing about having your house on the market is 
you clean your house and leave for 3 hours for a 
 realtor caravan (open house for realtors only) and nobody shows. 
ugh! notice there aren't any business cards next to my sign!!!

check out the adorable bracelet my family gave me on mother's day
aren't they the cutest?
 that's "love, reilly, cooper, max and dan"

coop the loop gave me this geranium. also adorable.
the pot says "mom, your love is planted in my heart." ahhhh!

i planted my flower boxes.
i'm a little worried about the weather. fingers crossed we don't get frost!

i love max's t-shirt! i got it at h&m kids. great clothes and even better prices!!!
i also posted this photo, because max is so darn cute!
this is his post-nap, crazy hair, pink cheeked, glassy eyes look.

finally, doesn't reilly look cute in her giants uniform?
all her games have been FREEZING and WINDY. praying for some warmer weather!


  1. That bracelet is too cute. And I love your flower boxes!

  2. how sweet is all this!