Saturday, November 6, 2010

birthday party

.today we're having coop's 5th birthday party.
(he officially turns 5 on november 14)
we're having a hay ride and bonfire.
with warm cider, s'mores and cake.

i pray i keep my sanity.
(an update and photos to come)

maybe i should bring a little something
to give my cider a some kick.
probably not appropriate for a kids party that involves fire.

oh! and because i believe all posts should have photos...
here you go...
i looooove this green bathroom!
wondering if i could diy a cabinet like that?


  1. Have fun at the party! 5 is a big birthday. You could totally DIY a cabinet like that!

  2. Hope you had fun at the party. My boy just turned 5 too and his party was hectic. Lots of people coming and going, grr. I was really p.o.ed but he had fun so I guess it was ok. I love both the inspiration bathroom pics, I think you could definitely do a version of the green cabinet! Go for it!

  3. Hope you had fun! This is a fave bathroom of mine. If you diy that cabinet, I want to see it! It'd be amazing!