Tuesday, November 2, 2010

our halloween

i'm so tired.
we had a huge weekend at our house.
3 days and 2 fun parties in our home.
we're starting to create memories in the new digs.

saturday was spent teaching lucy to use the invisible fence.
it didn't go well.
and we carved pumpkins...

the pumpkins...
first we had the kids choose their jack-o-lantern faces.

cleaning out the goo.... the kids faces were priceless!

reilly and coop did a little carving with the child safe tiny saws. those little things are awesome!

unkie posing with the pumpkins

unkie talking to and kissing the pumpkin...

pumpkins at night....

the costumes...

my three little bears

 it appears that max is DONE! notice.... we bribed him with fruit snacks!

 a very sad sad unkie face!

 it's impossible to get a good shot with so many kids! we tried!!!!

well, there you have it. 
in a nutshell..
too much sugar, lots of meltdowns, a few smiles, and
a LOT of fun.
Happy Halloween!



  1. Looks like a perfect Halloween
    Lovin' those bats on the window!
    Enjoy the day

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. Glad you're making memories in your new home! It will be fun next year to look back and think how much you've done :)

  3. your kids are adorable Erin!
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