Monday, November 15, 2010


i'm having a hard time believing
that this kid is five....
thomas cooper... aka coop

it's especially hard to believe
because i remember this day (see below photo) like it was yesterday...
 the day cooper came home from the hospital. he was a little jaundiced and needed some sun.

in honor of cooper's 5th birthday (november 14th)
5 things i love about my coop-a-loop...

1) he is the sweetest, kindest little guy and is very generous with his love.
2) he LOVES to sing... a lot!
3) he can put anything together... our little engineer!
4) if someone threatens his family, he's a fierce protector, especially when it comes to his sister.
5) he still calls me "ma ma" and my heart melts every time!

your ma ma loves you coop!


  1. It does go by sooo fast doesn't it? DARN IT! Happy birthday to your little man.

  2. sniff sniff, those darn newborn pictures get me everytime! He was a gorgeous newborn! Wow! And he is quite a cutie now. Happy birthday to your little guy, he sounds like a cool kiddo.

  3. Awww. Happy birthday, Cooper!! :)