Friday, November 19, 2010

finding my books a home

i don't have the space for big book shelves in my new house.
or maybe i just don't want a big book shelf.
i don't know. 

so i've been trying to come up with other book storage options.
(besides a box in the basement!)

i'm lovin it. what else can you do with the space above a doorway?

so cool... but i like fire in the fireplace :(

hmmmm.... using the ceiling, not a bad idea

go vertical!

books = the perfect occasional table

i couldn't resist this photo... ahhhhh!

or... maybe... i'll just stack them along the wall

how do you store your books??
happy friday!


  1. In my old house, I stacked them vertically. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in my new place. But I think the bookshelf over the doorway is brilliant! You solved one of my design dilemmas with this post! Thanks!

  2. In my opinion, books look their best in a bookcase. However, wall shelves are also wonderful. The one above the doorway would be so cool!