Thursday, September 1, 2011

artwork complete

i have blogged a few times about
paul smith's LOVE TOO tapestry
(as seen in the sex and the city movie).

as a reminder, this is paul smith's original...

after several hours of work in adobe illustrator,
here is my digital version...
i had my digital version printed on a 30"x40" canvas.
$79 at costco. heck yes!
here are a few photos of the final product....
costco did a great job. the colors are perfect and the resolution is great.

the edges are wrapped and the canvas is about 1-1/2" thick. very nice!
i can't wait to start reilly's new room, so i can hang it up.
just waiting on max.... he's still happy in his nursery (more specifically his crib).
as soon as he's ready for a big boy bed, he'll share a room with cooper.
allowing reilly her own space.

hope you're having a great day! -erin

*** UPDATE***
I have received several requests for me to share my Love Too  files. I will not be sharing the files. Although I drew it myself (in Adobe Illustrator), it is based on an existing piece of artwork. Thus, I will only be using it for personal use.... more specifically my daughter's bedroom. Thanks for all the interest, but I can't in good conscience share the files.


  1. It's gorgeous Erin! I like your version so much better! It looks great!

  2. I've been scouring the net for a print of Love Too for my nursery...amazing job

  3. Hi Erin! Happy Wednesday! Would you be willing to make and sell a replica? I'd be interested if so!!!!! Thanks so much