Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANOTHER post about lighting

it seems all i blog about lately is lighting.
seeing that all the lighting in my new home is or was awful,
it's been quite a project!

now i'm focusing on bedside lighting.
right now, my bedroom looks like this...
my bedside tables are little-ish so i've been looking 
for a set of plug-in wall lamps. so save table top real estate.

originally i wanted these....
boston functional library wall light from lighting new york ($335)
but the husband said "no thank you".
he didn't care for the light and really didn't like the price.

so, i began a lllloooooonnnnnggggg search for something more traditional
with a smaller hit on the bank account.

this is what we agreed upon....
pivoting swing-arm pin-up lamp – home decorators collection  ($29)

yes, you read that right $29...  just a few weeks ago it was $45.
it has decent reviews... so why not?

this is what i envision (i added the lamps in photoshop)....

my attempt with photoshop.
not bad.
i think the new lamps will work.
maybe i can put the $610 i saved 

from not buying the boston functional lamps
toward a new bedroom chair?
wishful thinking!!

xoxo - erin


  1. Ok, so cool how you photoshopped those onto your picture! I liked the lamp...but the wall lamps look great too! Do you have experience with interior design...because you are really great at it! I wish you could design a couple of rooms for me!

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