Wednesday, September 21, 2011

run don't walk

i know that title of this post doesn't really work with the internet shopping.
but hey, you get the picture.... move fast!
and snatch up this little beauty from grandin road.
on sale for $49!

it also comes in nickel. but these days i'm lovin gold 
(or antique brass in this case).

mine is on it's way. can't wait until it arrives :)

sorry about the lack of posts...
we're battling both strep throat AND the stomach flu around these parts!

happy wednesday! xoxo -erin


  1. I've never even heard of grandin road...but I just look them up and they have great stuff!

  2. Oh no, everyone get better soon! Beautiful table.

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  4. Indeed a great find. You are a wise spender. Does this means that you are good in wealth management too?