Monday, September 12, 2011


the kids and i were riding in the car today,
and i had this conversation with cooper.
he's a riot!

cooper: mom... someday i want to ride my bike to a burrito restaurant.
me: but coop, you don't like burritos.
cooper: mom.... burrito is french for taco.
me: [laughing] no it's not.
cooper:  ok... then i want to ride my bike to the tortilla place.
me: huh?
cooper: [singing] tortilla, tortilla, tortilla, tortilla....
me: [laughing]
cooper: [singing] tortilla. tortilla. ma ma mia.
me: [laughing]
cooper: [singing with an italian accent] ma ma mia, ma ma mia, ma ma mia, ma ma mia
 me: [laughing]
cooper: ma ma mia means something bad happened.
me: [still laughing] you're so silly cooper!

(cooper pauses and thinks for a bit)

cooper: at least i didn't say poop.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha ha, ROTFL! why do they always want to say "poop?" One of the never answered questions of the universe.