Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first day of school

reilly in her school uniform... what a cu-t-pie!

sitting at her school desk

cooper in his transformers backpack. oh ya... it lights up.
a little boy's dream.

coop (sitting in the middle) listing to his teacher read a story

reilly and coop started school yesterday! freedom!!! that being said... i'm also extremely sad. reilly is in 1st grade. yikes. and coop-man is is in pre-school. what? my baby?? in preschool?

needless to say they both LOVE school and had absolutely zero separation anxiety! they basically ran through their school room doors with a quick, over the shoulder, wave and a "see ya later lady". i guess that's a good thing, but it makes me kinda sad. especially when i look over and see all the other mommies hugging their little darlings and getting goodbye kisses. where's my hug? where's my "mommy, i'll miss you"???

oh well.

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