Monday, August 17, 2009

hmmmm..... starting a blog? me?

starting a blog? why?
for years i have promised my sister-in-law i would document all the silly, funny and interesting things that happens in my home. a home consisting of 3 children (more on them later), 2 cats (larry [aka stinky] and roger) and a large yellow lab (lucy). oh ya, a set of parents.... my husband dan and me, the mommy, erin.

here is a rundown of the kiddos....
oldest: reilly catherine (6)
middle: t. cooper (3)
baby: max (6 months)

yes, i have my hands full. my only goal for this blog is to share the life and times of my family. maybe one day my kids will read this and have a better understanding of why the he** they turned out they way they did.

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