Tuesday, August 18, 2009

introducing... reilly catherine

reilly is our first baby and only daughter. she's also known as bug, bootsy and peanut. reilly likes to be called princess, but we feel that's a bit much! she's 6, but her attitude is that of a teenager. wow we're in big trouble once she hits junior high!

our bug was born 4 weeks early and was a whopping 5 lbs. 8 oz. she was so so so tiny... thus the nickname bug. both her daddy and i really wanted to have at least one little girl... so when the ultrasound revealed reilly, we were beyond thrilled. waiting for her arrival was the tough part. i have HORRIBLE pregnancies, so we were very anxious.

a few facts about our reilly....

- she loves to be in charge and is the "boss" of her little brothers
- her best friend since birth is gracie, she's fierce in her love
for gracie
- reilly sucks on her middle two fingers on her left hand when tired
- she also has a taggie obsession and she's very particular about the
look and feel of her taggies
- reilly thinks she has a wonderful singing voice & loves to sing and dance
- reilly hates pizza..... i know, what the he**
- she doesn't call cereal by it's name. it's either "granny cereal", "mommy cereal"or "daddy cereal", named in honor of the person she feels loves that cereal most.
- reilly is entering 1st grade next week

--a brief pause so i can cry a little--

- reilly IS an artist
- favorite colors are pink (of course) and orange
- reilly has a booty, seriously a booooooty (which i love to skoot)

that's all i can think of now, i'm sure in the future there will be many posts which will give you a better understanding of our little bootsy mama.

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