Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a word to the wise

never, ever, ever teach a 3 year old boy to pee outside. although it may seem like the obvious choice in a pinch, it's just not a good idea. ok. so. we were on a camping trip. the first camping trip for reilly and coop. at the time, coop was officially potty training and running to and from the potty every few minutes... just in case. dan and i were setting up the tents and preparing camp before dinner when.... omg, are you kidding me?? it started to rain. just a little. but enough for us to get our butts in gear. as dan and i were fussing with yet another annoying tent pole, coop announces.... "i have to go potty". our response (in stereo)... "hold it". time passes. pleading now.... "i really have to go. i have to peeeeeeee peeeeeeeeeeeee. really mom." i know what your thinking.... oh no... don't do it. but i did. "ok coop.... mommy and daddy are busy and i really don't have time to walk you to the port-a-potty. so here's the deal... see that bush over there? go pee in it." he did. and he LOVED it. so if you see a naked little boy peeing in a bush... please tell coop to find a potty. note to reader: i'm not 100% sure why, but when cooper pees outside, he needs to be completely naked. i know. what the... !?!

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