Tuesday, August 18, 2009

introducing... t. cooper deegan

little man loves the water
cooper oh cooper. what do i say? he may just be one of the goofiest kids i've ever met. honestly. he exists solely in his imagination. singing to himself, racing around shooting an imaginary gun, and dancing. oh yes... dancing. lots and lots of dancing and singing and dancing. a style all onto himself. this kid is a entertainment at it's best. thomas cooper deegan, who we call cooper is also known as.... bubble head, t. cooper, bobble head, coop-a-loop, doodlebop and little man. cooper is 3 and his sign is scorpio. scorpios are considered loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. this kid is dynamic, so i guess the sign fits. like his older sister, coop-a-loop was born 4 weeks early. he really wanted to arrive 8 weeks early, but medical intervention and lots and lots of HORRIBLE drugs held him off a month. thank god. unlike his hasty arrival into the world... he now spends his life leisurely traipsing through life. here are a few facts about coop... - most of the time cooper sings instead of talks (as if he was in a musical) - coop calls his sister raleigh... as in the city in north carolina - he has a favorite (crummy) blue blankie that reminds me of linus from charlie brown
come on... isn't the likeness spot-on??
- cooper is 3 with a vocabulary of a 10 year old - his favorite cartoon movie is "cars" and he calls the main caracter "speedy" - cooper thinks every red convertable is "speedy" - coop adores his sister... he lights up when she enters the room - cooper is the worst potty-trainer. ever. - cooper has a very unusual accent. dan and i can't place it. it's unique to him. all in all... he's one fatastic kid - that coop of mine.

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