Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing... maxwell john

my little unky. short for chunky.... but i can't bear to call him that and have strangers look at me funny.

unlike his older siblings, our unk is quite big. born in january at a whopping 7 lbs. 13 oz. i know, i know it's not THAT big, but compared to the other two, he's a giant. plus he's grown and grown AND GROWN. almost at an alarming rate. he's now around 20 lbs. (i'm not 100% sure). oh my god, i do adore every chubby, little roll!

max is very popular in our house right now. all 4 of us scramble to be the center of his world and to get the first drooling, open-mouthed unky kiss of the day. his brother and sister actually fight over "who gets to make max happy". really. i'm not joking.

a few facts about max....
- he HATES peas
- is in the best mood around 10 pm. which sucks.
- has seemed to be teething for 4 months, but has yet to pop a tooth
- can sit up
- can crawl
- can hold his own bottle
- can pull up in his crib... i know, i know he's a genius
- his siblings can make him laugh hard and cry even harder
- rubs his eyes when he's tired
- has a heart-warming smile that, even on your worse day, will brighten your mood
- may be the best baby in the world. no really

lots more on unk to come, he's ready for a bottle and is looking pitifully sad.

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