Tuesday, September 11, 2012


where were you?
i was in my loft 
in the chicago loop
in the shadow of the sears tower

watching the today show
the first plane hits 
matt lauer is reporting
there is confusion
the second plane hits
it's clear
we're under attack

i wonder 
when will the sears tower be hit?
i can see it from my window
still standing
no fire

dan had already left for work
safely out of the city

there's a knock on my door
it 's heather
my neighbor

we cry

a plane hits the pentagon

what we should do?
i grab my mini hand-held tv
we walk to work

we stop at the chicago river
the south tower collapses
we watch
on my mini hand-held tv

a few people gathered
they watch too
looking up from the tv
the sears tower is now being evacuated

i walk on
i arrive at work
my  building is closed

i head home
running past the sears tower
hoping it won't be hit

heather is already home
her building is closed too

another plane crashes in a field pennsylvania
the north tower goes down

heather leaves the city
suburb bound

i remember my dad is traveling
i panic
is he in new york?
it's possible... i can't remember
i call my mom in california
she's asleep
she knows nothing
i share the news
dad is in detroit
he's safe

will chicago be next?
will the sears tower be attacked?
will it fall?

dan comes home

we decide to stay in the city
all u.s. planes grounded and accounted for

we cry and cry
we can't stop watching the tv

downtown chicago is a ghost town

we hang a flag from our balcony
our neighbors do too

the world will never be the same

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  1. Really great, moving post, Erin. I had goose bumps reading it. If nothing else, I take some sort of comfort in this awful shared experience we all have.