Thursday, September 20, 2012

diy: painting my front door

the front door is painted
and i'm thrilled with the finished product.

as far as diy home improvement projects go,
this one was quick and easy!

let me remind you of what my house looked like before

july 2010
this morning / september 2012

while i have you, i thought i'd share our family plaque.... i love it :)

here are the tools i used...

1. Exterior Behr Ultra Premium Semi Gloss
2. Color: Behr Red Red Wine
3. ScotchBlue Painters Tape
4. Wooster Journeyman Master 2 in. Angle Sash Brush
5. Wooster Pro 3-Piece Mini Roller Tray Set

How to paint your front door
(the easy way) 

1. This is tutorial is for doors that are already painted 
(not naked or stained doors)

2) do not take door off hinges 

3) wash the door (give it a good scrub) 
and let it completely dry (i used pine-sol and warm water)

4) if you only want to paint one side of the door, 
use blue tape to tape the areas you don't want painted

5) use a 2" angled brush to paint the angled parts around the door panels and 
cut in around the door hardware. paint a thin coat to avoid drips.

6) use a small roller to paint the flat surfaces, a thin coat to avoid drips

7) VERY IMPORTANT: let the door dry overnight

8) day 2, lightly clean the door and let it dry

9) repeat steps 5 through 7

my door only took two coats, but you may need more 
depending on the thickness of your coats and the color you use.

the result was beautiful and it was such an easy process!
xoxo - e


  1. It looks fabulous! Red is a really hard color to pick, but this one is great. Good job!!

  2. The red looks FABULOUS!!

  3. The red door definitely does some wonders on your home aesthetics. For one, it added a splash of color on your home’s exterior look. Compared to the white one, this bold color stands out, and it creates such a beautiful contrast against your brick wall.

  4. The present color of your front door is without a doubt more beautiful than your previous one. It's captivating, whether you look at it closely or from a distance. If you plan to re-do it's color, what would it be this time? Have you tried painting it with bright colors such as grapelicious purple or mustard yellow?

  5. You did it like a pro! Where did you learn how to paint, by the way? Painting is never easy, but the tips you shared made the entire process sound easy. How about your garage door, don't you have any plans on repainting it as well?

    -Jesse Morrison @ JonWrightRoofing