Monday, September 17, 2012

diy - painting the front door

i've been researching the correct way
to successfully paint my front door.
there are a lot of tutorials out there, 
but i decided to ask a professional.
more specifically, the guy at home depot:)

first up...
choose a color.

here is how my front door looks now...

 i used photoshop to change the door color.
here are a few options i'm considering...

 option 1 -  dark green

option 2 - red

option 3 - dark blue

option 4: dark brown (matching the trim color) 

so what do you think?

i'll reveal the "after" tomorrow.
xoxo - e


  1. OH I don't know! I know you'll choose a pretty one. I like the blue.

  2. We are having our house painted next week and we are still deciding our colors. Great idea with photoshop. I love red.
    They all look good though.

  3. Hmmmm....I like to play the guesing game! I think you chose the blue! Whatever color you chose, I'm sure it looks great!

  4. My vote goes to the dark blue door! Although the red door would make your house stand out in the neighborhood, it seems a little off for the look of the house. The dark blue suits the design and style of your house. Well, I can’t wait for the big reveal! Keep us posted!