Tuesday, September 4, 2012

summer :(

summer is over
it will be missed


catching fireflies
freeze tag with the neighborhood kids
chocolate milkshakes at the pool
watching birds enjoy our bird feeder
the beach club
the smell of bug repellant
blowing bubbles
lazy afternoons in the sun
going to the park
climbing trees
family camp in northern michigan
baseball games
riding bikes and scooters
friday afternoons with daddy home
sunscreen on our skin
running through the sprinkler
nonno's pesto
wheat beer with lemon (adults only)
daddy/child golf outings
enjoying a summer thunderstorm
gilroy gardens
hot dogs and burgers on the grill
jumping on the trampoline
midwest sweet corn
trips to great america with friends
ice cream drumsticks after dinner
our annual trip to carmel, california
the smell of chlorine in our hair

picnics with cousins

goodbye summer
can't wait until we meet again!

xoxo -erin

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