Monday, September 10, 2012

it's soccer season!

it's soccer season
and i love it

saturday was reilly's first game
the air was cool and crisp
(a little windy)
and we won!

Go Manchester United!
check out my little #6

after kneeing the ball
lots of running!

after reilly's first shot on goal.... i missed the photo :(

with coach after the game 
glowing after their 3 to 2 win 
so proud of our little bootsy!


  1. Woo! I love fall sports too. We had a rainout saturday, but I am looking forward to it too. Love the squirrel pic too!

  2. Oh...I miss fall soccer. Cool mornings and happy kids.
    Cute pics!

  3. Great pics Erin! Looks like a pretty day with those big puffy white clouds! My boy only played soccer one season before deciding it wasn't his thing...but I'm glad he (we) got to experience it once! Brady sure wasn't in on the action like your little #6 is! :)