Wednesday, September 26, 2012

more soccer

reilly's soccer team (manchester united) has had 3 games
they are 2 and 1. 

the season is going well
although, i'm convinced their play 
is directly related to the weather

chilly = a win
ungodly hot = a loss

here are some new photos from the last two games...

manchester united vs. huntley blue 
(5 to 1 loss)
reilly (in the pig-tails) running
more running
i have no idea what reilly is doing in the photo... but it makes me laugh! 
it appears reilly is walking now
more walking... remember it was ungodly hot that day :) 

reilly throwing in the ball
on the bench.... look how red her little face is.... she's kinda behind the girl in blue
good game, good game, good game.
dan is assistant coach, see my cute hubby at the end of the line?
 manchester united vs. huntley pink 
(7 to 0 win) 
reilly in background in a striped jersey... we accidentally sent her to the game in her uniform from last year!
hey... i never claimed to be perfect. at least it's the right color!
throw in... in the wrong jersey. GAH! 
happy girl running.... remember it was chilly this day!
hope your enjoying your fall.
xoxo - e

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