Friday, January 28, 2011

confession friday

looking through old blog posts, i realized that i'm only showing the good stuff.
not the real stuff... the dirty house, horrible parenting moments kinda stuff.
in the interest of keeping it real...
i have a confession. 

yes, every other week my dear sweet agata comes and cleans up my mess.
when i was pregnant with cooper, i convinced my husband that because of my horrible morning sickness and dealing with a home business and a toddler... i needed some help. i promised that once the baby was 3 months old, i would give up agata. i didn't. that was 5+ years ago.

then when we put our old house on the market.... again i promised once we moved, i would give up agata {seeing as we'd have a higher mortgage]. that was nearly 5 months ago and {to be totally honest} i have no intention of letting her go. never ever. so there. blah!

even with agata my house generally looks like this...

the weird thing is... i clean up my house in order for agata to clean. my theory is... agata can't deep clean if she has to straiten up first. i think that's normal. my husband thinks i'm nuts. i know i'm crazy and i'm good with it.

i have so many more confessions to share. i'll be back next friday with another!
happy friday! xoxo - erin


  1. I love it! So funny. Glad you guys have that in your budget to keep her, you are so lucky. I just want someone to come and clean my bathrooms, I loathe that job and put it off until my bathroom looks like the gas station rest stop kind, well they don't get that bad. Everything else I can usually stay on top of, well not the clutter. Maybe I need an Agata.

  2. I used to have an "Agata".That was along time ago now. I miss it!

  3. I think every person who has had a cleaning lady has cleaned up before she are not nuts. I'd keep her too...without a doubt!