Thursday, January 13, 2011

an impulse splurge

for weeks i've been trying to find the perfect set of chairs for the living room.
i've looked at everything....websites, ebay, craigs list, thrift shops, etc.
i was doing my due diligence. 
then out of nowhere, i pulled the ripcord and purchased 2 chairs
without a lot of thought and completely the opposite of what i was looking for.

originally, i wanted to buy two thrift chairs 
and have them re-upholstered to look something like these...
how fun... matching chairs in a fun, bold fabric!

after getting some upholstery quotes, i cringed at the cost
and worried the fabric may become dated.

but then i remembered michelle's chairs from three men and a lady

 and i thought why not???  white leather or vinyl chairs.
this might work!
with white leather/vinyl chairs i could incorporate fun fabrics with pillows.
and they would wipe clean!

so, on an impulse, i purchased 2 of these and i can't wait for them to arrive!
i think they have great lines and will look fantastic with a fun/funky pillow.
you can buy one for yourself here.

the chairs will replace the blue chair in the living room
across from the white slip covered sofa.
the living room still needs a lot of work. i've just begun the re-design.
for sure it needs to be painted (i'm not digging the cream color).
i'm also considering a natural fiber rug. not sure yet. i like rooms to evolve over time.


  1. I am so with you about rooms evolving over time. No rush. And your white chairs are going to be perfect. They can constantly be updated. How can you go wrong?!

  2. Love it! and, thanks for all your sweet comments. We would love to help you with the perfect mirror. Also, if you don't mind sharing, where did you get your white slip cover sofa? When we move, we are getting one. I see them all over blog land, but don't know the best place. We too are putting down our natural fiber rug underneath! Thanks!

  3. It's gonna look great! Can't go wrong with the white.

  4. Great finds. They will look super.

  5. OH I love those! They are going to look so great! =)

  6. Erin, they'll be great!! Accessorize with the pops of color!!

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