Thursday, January 20, 2011

two years ago today....

my world got (just a little bit) better.
i learned to love more.
i learned to give more.
i learned to have more patience.
i learned to be a mother of three.

two years ago today, max entered my life
and he's captured my heart!

 good golly... these baby photos are killing me... where did my newborn baby go?

now, we have this super cool toddler... we all scamper to be his favorite!

when it comes to max, i feel like my heart is outside of my body.
it's painful how much i love this kid. 
watching him grow and learn is both a joy and a heartbreak.

he is my LAST baby.
i realize that with each babyhood and childhood
phase that passes by... that's my last.
my last first tooth.
my last first hair cut.
my last first word.
my last "ma ma ma ma ma" heard over the monitor.
my last one year old.
sniff. sniff.

in honor of max's 2nd birthday, here are 2 things i love about max...

1. for the most part, i've always been his favorite. 
he's had his daddy moments, but he's always needed/wanted his mama.

 2. he's hilarious! really he is. he loves to dance and a max dance is one of a kind!! 
even when he doesn't know it, he funny and silly. max brightens my day!

max, my darling baby, because you are my last... you will always be my baby. whether you like it or not. your blond curls and big blue eyes are burned into my soul.  when you reach your little hand up and grab mine.... my heart melts. (uh-oh... hear come the tears) max, i love you to pieces and wish i could hold on to your babyhood a little longer... but i know you will grow AND i'm looking forward to the ride :)

i love you!!! xoxo - mommy


  1. Ok, this made me cry! The photos....PRECIOUS! All your children are adorable. I love those newborn photos. Makes me want another baby. Happy Birthday, Max!

  2. Oh Erin... all the sweet, sadness that comes with our babies growing up! Your three little ones are beautiful... enjoy every minute with them! You are a very lucky Mommy!

  3. SNIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sniff sniff...

  4. What an absolutely adorable little guy!!
    Love those curls!
    Happy Birthday Max!
    Enjoy the night

  5. What a cutie pie! Happy Birthday little guy. You have a wonderful mommy, but you already know that right?

  6. Such a sweet little boy!!